by Denim Dragon

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Phine Kurzer
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Phine Kurzer you guys have a nice flow.

and a very wonderful album cover! Favorite track: Emperor Salamander Takes Another Wife.
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released April 10, 2014



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Denim Dragon Peoria, Illinois

Denim Dragon is a band whose music is rooted in folk and steeped in heavy, thoughtful psychedelia. They are influenced by great experimental acts of the past such as Exuma, Comus and This Heat.

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Track Name: Father Soil
I come from a long line of hayseed
Twas sown under drone of machinery
To grow on a hillside for a season
Then blown over ocean by the breezes

Herein my closed hand, I hold a growing flower
Herein your fistful, you hold a growing fire
And in my closed hand, I hold the turning star
And with your fistful, you miss it as it falls

Do you recall how penniless you used to be?
Claimed saving the face of the done-it-all, damn-it-all
Don't we all?

Don't you feel like the fool on the hill, sitting next to me?
Under closest of calls, when the sky falls don't we all?

I come from a long line of hayseed
To stand in a longer line of enemies
Therein my closed hand, I hold a growing flower
Therein in your fistful, you hold a growing fire
And in my own hand, I hold a bell of a different tone
Track Name: Rainbow Wig
Yellow bird, sit next to me
Take me under wing
And the black seed waiting under dust,
Can I trust will bring a column of spines?
The spires of my

Rainbow wig
Rainbow wig

Can I look down a straight line with both open eyes?
If I found infinity, a method under guise
Of my yellow bird upon the end of thistles tower high,
A hand's stretch above a head

It's a rocket to the sky, my rainbow wig
Track Name: The Dandy
Stand like the red-winged blackbird
Obstinate at the overpass exit
Guardian to asphalt, the traffic, all my fault
God of Roadside Dandelion, forgive me

And since then learned, this learned well,
Once it pays its dues within its shell,
Every turtle dies, with its head held high
It's the bloat inside -- forces straightened spine
But regardless, I hardly think less of it
Still as a statue captured this recluse proud
Stoic in atrophy, a trophy to dignity
A monolith silent with message out loud

Screaming red feather aesthetic that sets him elite upon the rails
Beauty is seen in the geometry from veil to tail you wear
But beware, beware, beware

Turtle my dear, jump the tracks!
There's a dandy on the rails
Dandelion on the handbrake
There's a dandy on the rails

So stand like the red-winged blackbird,
Dandelion on the handbrake
Fancy itself as an earthquake,
This dandy of the rails
Track Name: Ferryman
Send a rope down the well, down the well

Seamlessly a canopy repeating overhead
ends the wait for rainfall
Was all the while,
to flood the Nile

While a tortoise from the north is digging ditches tortuously
with a serpent, bent as blazes
to lead a stream
another mile

Fierce as fever, coursing river
Southern fishes breathe the water
A pitcher raised, a swell to spill
so send a pail on down the well

Wayward wanderer, turn away and turn the season
Father of waterway, built a bridge beyond all reason
Father of waterway, eons old, that age ascending
Drought I doubt will dry a mind, flooded with new paradigm
A pitcher raised, a swell to spill
so send a pail on down the well
A pitcher raised, a reigning age
so send the rain

Send a rope down the well, down the well

A signal to the ferryman, a sparkle on the shore
In the dark who'd ever dare the breaking shallows?
But soon, a waking arrow
splits the sky and sea
streaming spillway shepherding
Aquarius, so near to me
on the rise
It's on the rise
Track Name: Emperor Salamander Takes Another Wife
We still recall the day the boy behind the closet door
could not get through
And since then, the escape, now on his way to sigh and
sit beside a blue moon
While Emperor Salamander takes another wife to
gander lunar fools,
Down on Diamond Mountain, they abandon their own shoes
in trade to take you to hell on the way

Be draped in printed paper faces as they cover you
with palms of glue
Wrapped, they gather round and place a flower in your mouth
in holy tune
Singing, "Swallow the lily"
Solumn-eyed, "Swallow the lily"

And signing checks silly
Track Name: Rounded Row
Hidden under solar-powered radar glasses, we will see you
Signaling the holy man with waving hands and narrow eyes high noon
Slip down in a fiery furnace, tell me what you see
A glowing ember undertoe
An image of an arrow after arrow in a rolling
Round row of devoted waiting, aiming from above
Ray of sun, where it comes from

Folded hands with bowing backs, in diving patterns we follow

Up here, at a height of horizon
Say son, come see
Diamond Mountain down below
The pictures of our faces in the cracks and shadows
We go long, far and over the ever only to return
Rounded row
Rounded row